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The King Of Kronic !

The page of weed

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The page of weed


Welocme ladies and gentleman to the page of weed !!! If you do or don't smoke herbz' your still welcome. If you just smoke weed, supply (which I am afraid to say is still illegal) or crop then this is the shiznay for you. I have got a couple of people which stay nameless that you might get on great with. I am quite knowledgable when it comes to Class C topics, ya get me. What is so bad about sitting on the sofa with your mates and enjoying life's finer qualities. Peace out and blaze on....!!!!!!


Real skunk no#1


Ohhhhh my god
Montain of buds ( Till Hill Coventry )

Blueberry cross bred with Mr. Nice
Serious buds

mmmmmmmmmm, weed buds!
my dear god

Bluberry (Belguim)


100% pure Californian orange


Fat cronic ounce bud!

Want to see more bud pictures, this site is the shiznay...


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