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The King Of Kronic !

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Here are some of my friends and people I have met in my life so far. Peace out y'all.

  1. Jeff Morris email web own page @ Scotland
  2. Jordan Martin email web own page @ Cov
  3. Tom Snowdon @ Glen Parva HMYOI
  4. Simon Rafferty @ Ellerman Gardens
  5. Debbie Martin @ Cov
  6. Jake Murphy @ Ellerman Gardens
  7. Mark Smith @ Ellerman Gardens
  8. Emma Mason @ The foyer
  9. Henry Gardner @ Isle Of Wight
  10. Shadrack @ Ellerman Gardens
  11. Fat Dave @ Foxford
  12. Manjeet @ Foxford
  13. Natalie @ The Foyer
  14. Hannah Collins @ The foyer
  15. Shane @ Glen Parva HMYOI
  16. Shaun Pitson @ Wales

These are some of my friends and aqatances. Enuff respect

Just for Emma and Tom...
These two people I met while I was living in the Coventry Foyer. I could trust Emma and Tom with anything. Tom and Emma have been together a long time but now Tom is doing a long sentence in Glen Parva HMYOI. These are the only two people that I still really talk to that live in (or used to) the foyer. When Tom is released the session is on. ENUFF RESPECT TO MA CLOSEST BREDS, PEACE Y'ALL...X 


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