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The King Of Kronic !

How to roll the perfect spliff.

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In this also unique section I will explain the step by step guide to rolling the perfect spliff. This iswhere you should be taking notes.

  • Step 1. First of all the roller shoulg begin to crumble the substance in to pile on the surface you are using. ie DVD case, skining up table. Next apply the cigarette (if you chose to put any in) or rolling backy. Mix the pile until they are fully mixed together.
  • Step 2. A roach or filter in a joint is the key to a perfect bifta. The best material is the green car out of a packet of rizla ( Kingsize Blue or Silver Slims, rips. ) It needs to be a perfect square and not too big. Roll into a barrel shape and put down.
  • Step 3. Depending on how you are going to shape the rizla (rolling papers) ie Just one, "L" shape, magic carpet they should be firmly stuck together. Fold A line at a slight angle so that it sits nicely on the skinning surface. Apply the roach to the right end.
  • Begin to apply the mix into the rizla making sure it is thinner at the roach to the other end. Thin to FAT. Making sure that the mix is not to close to the end of the rizla.
  • Begin to roll the joint between your fingers . Your thumb on one side and your index and middle finger on the other. Roll it gently making it thinner at the roach than the other end.
  • Tuck the non-sticky edge under the mix and roll it up smoothly making sure that it is even all the way up. Lick the sticky and roll it over wrapping all the weed/solid in the paper.
  • Poke it down inside with a cigarette end making it all tight and even. Twist the end and your spliff is complete. Bite off the paper and blaze on.


In this section I am going to explain a few tips and other rolls for you to try. Some of these are kick ass I swear. They are....
  • Flaming Backflip. ( Medium Hardness to roll )
  • Tulip. (Medium hardness to roll )
  • Magic Carpet. ( Small hardness to roll )
  • Twister ( Don't try this at home! )
  • Moon Mover. ( Need 6 to 8 hands )

Flaming Backflip.

  • Step 1. When you have all become masters of the standard reffa then maybe one day his problem will occur. Have you even put the rizla on the wrong way round? The had to put the mix in a new a new sheet?
  • Step 2. Just folder the sticky edge over so it facing the right way but so there is enough paperto leave a sort of loop. Lick the sticky and push it and apply it smoothly.
  • Step 3. Leave the sticky to set for a few moments a change the tunes over. When it is dry burn away the loop that was over hanging and it will burn slowly to where it was stuck down. You are learnnig quick my young Jedi. You have just performed the flamming backflip.


Blue original number1

Red original grinder number1

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1. Flaming Backflip
Technique 1

2. Tulip
Technique 2

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