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There I am, ain't I lovely


On this page I am going to tell you al about me and the wonderful life I live in which i spend most of it blazing kronick and graffin !

Well like I said before my name is Alex and I am 17. I am currently training to be an IT maintenance enginner and doing my diploma in ICT maintence.

Well alot has happened in my life so far and some of it I am very ashammed of. I left my Mum's house when I was about 14 or so and I put her through alot. This was because I let my past drug habits run my life and I put it first. Since then I have manage to keep myself on weed alone and I have definetly improved. Me and my Mum's relationship over time has mended now and it could ever be better. I have learnt that there is more to life than being under the influence. I lived with my dickhead of a father, with friends, grandmother, bail hostel and now with my good friend debbie and her family. I am still living with Debbie and she has helped me alot for which I am truley grateful. I suppose if it weren't for Debz and her family I would proberbly be dead or have a serious drugs habit through no fault but my own. I am torn between my biological family and Debbies but I love my real family with all my heart and I woud die for them. I will always have their back and will do anything for them. If anyone ever hurt any of them I would kill them and not care about getting sent down or the conseqences.  I am a small beleiver in some sort of god and I beleive that one day me and my FAMILIES* relationships will be fully mended. Peace and love you y' Alex Connick xxx....(Mum, Rob, Jade, Debbie, Jeff, Jordan, Paul, Basil, Face, Ruddie, Maddie, Amber, Tasha, Nan, Grandad, Liam ) In no particular order I swear.
* Love you both. One day it will all be good I promise.

God put it here for a reason.


One high Cov Kid

The Pledge "2002/2006"

Only people who don't beleive in relaxation are against weed. God put it here for me, you and every other who beleives. There is nothng wrong with smoking weed apart from it is against the law. FUCK THE LAW. Carry on blazing people and if you work then even more the reason to carry on. What is wrong with sitting on your sofa and chilling ? Nothing. So like I said before carry on smoking god's good weed and Peace out world.    Alex  


Semi-naked Alex....


Well my top 5 films are....
  1. Pulp Fiction.
  2. Matrix Trilogy.
  3. How high (funny shit).
  4. The Friday Trilogy.
  5. Jackie Chan (to many to mention).

My top 5 weed strains are....
  1. Skunk no1.
  2. Purple Haze.
  3. Mr Nice.
  4. Cally Orange.
  5. AK 47.

Top weed smoke beleive me!

I am into all types of music so here you go.......
  1. Garage (Dizzie, Vapour etc)
  2. Rock (Manson, Limp Bizkit)
  3. Busta Rhymes, DMX (etc)
  4. Not forgetting 2 Pac and Biggie R.I.P. x

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Alex Connick