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The King Of Kronic !

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Alex Connick i.e The king of kronic

I would write my address but I aint fancying no bombs in the

My objective in life......

My objective in life is to make sure I get a good carrer so I can blaze weed all day when I am 60 and to make sure my real mum and debbie have an easy life when I am older.....(still praying)

A good experience so far?

When me and my friend Henry went to the Isle of Wight to stay at his parent's hotel. We spent 10 days solid smoking pure weed. We spent to much money beleive me......

When I first done a runner from my mums I had to learn how to survive with the help of my mate simon....Blaze on bruv.

A good experience is one I am having right now. I am learning the tricks of my trade currently so that I can make bare money in the near future......


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Alex Connick