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On this unique page there are some of my idols through my life so far. I will explain about each one individually.

Jimi Hendrix R.I.P.


Jimi Hendrix was a musician I listened to alot when I was younger when I lived with my mum and step-dad. My step-dad listened to him alot and I have always loved his rifts. Rest in peace. Notice he is smoking a weed spliff.


Bob Marley's another musician I listened to when I was younger. I have got a painting of Bob that my friend Martin (walrus) painted. sick. As you can proberly guess my step-dad is a big black man.


Richard Branson is not one of my idols or nothing but I just want to take after im in life becuse that dude has got it sorted. He has got all that dollar just by using his head?



Mr. Bean (Rowan  Atkinson) isn't an idol either but he is funny as fuck. Jordan will like that I have put him on here. " Hello Mr. Teddy.


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