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Friends and Family
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There are some of my friends and family on this page, enjoy!

It was ma birthday (20th June 2005.)
in the three with me and Henry

Me (Alex) and Henry with the World's biggest buddha

This is one of the pictures of Me and Henry in the Isle of Wight in June 2005 with the world's biggest buddha. Just after Henry's parents spent 97.50 on a chinese meal for 6 of us. Me, Henry, Geraldine, Andrew, Gemma and Sophie.


Me and Henry eating 97.50 Chinese !!!!

This is Me and Henry while we are eating our bad boy chinese. Just before our close encounter with the giant buddha. Look at Henry the little stoner head. (And me...!!!!!)

Alex and the Ghetto buddha

Me (Alex) and Buddha (Jordan)

This a picture of Me (Alex) and Jordan (Buddha). I met Jordan through Debbie. The one who took me in when I had no where else to go. Dont you think he looks like a "little buddha"

Here is Debbie's eldest Paul....
Me an Paul are good mates ad have been so for the last 2 years or so.....

Some of the Foyer gals.
Emma, Buea, (some unknown weird girl), Sam, Kym

Debbie Martin
on th way to or back from Scotland


Once again Me and my chum Henry.

Here you go, one last picture of me and Henry in the Isle of Wight. If you haven't already gathered Henry is a stone head. Toke on Henry my young Jedi.....


Here is Debbie's youngest Jordan....
Dont you think he looks like a buddha....

Emma Mason Snowdon
My good mate Emma from the foyer.

Jeff Morris
His web site
Personal bodyguard/bouncer


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